About Jacob

Jacob came into this world on his own time and in his own way. From the beginning he was unique and special. There was something about being in is presence that make you stop and take notice. Often described as an old soul, he was always quick with a smile and a lighthearted comment to brighten your day, he was larger than life in many ways. Most especially, he was incredibly passionate and gifted when it came to music, particularly guitar. In the 18.5 years he was on this earth, he spent more time making music than the vast majority of people could in a long lifetime.

At school or youth group, around a campfire, hanging out with friends or in his bedroom jamming with his brother or solo, and one thing was for sure: Jacob would be playing music. In a world that was often a frustrating place, his Truth was in the notes and chords he put together. And he did it extraordinarily! Music was an escape, a pleasure and a passion.

The world lost an amazing soul on March 12th, 2017 when a tragic automobile accident took his life. There is no greater way for us, his family and friends, to honor his legacy than to help spread his love of music to those that may not have the opportunity otherwise.

We are proud to offer a scholarship and monthly jam sessions. The scholarship will be a way for people ages 13-19 that may not have the opportunity for music lessons and equipment to have access to them. Our greatest hope is that others will find a home in the songs like Jacob did.